Association between Parathyroid Hormone and Anemia: A Cross-Sectional Observational Study of maintenance Hemodialysis Patients of a Tertiary Care Center


  • Prof. Dr. Abdul Mannan Junejo Jinah Post Graguate Medical Center
  • Muhammad Ali Jinah Post Graguate Medical Center
  • Shafique Ahmad Jinah Post Graguate Medical Center
  • Ayesha Ejaz Jinah Post Graguate Medical Center
  • Hina Iram Jinah Post Graguate Medical Center
  • Sandeep Kumar Jinah Post Graguate Medical Center



anemia, chronic kidney disease, erythropoietin, hyperparathyroidism, hemodialysis, End stage renal disease, mineral bone disease.



The objective of this study was to assess the relationship between intact parathyroid hormone levels (iPTH) and hemoglobin (Hb) levels in patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) who were on hemodialysis.

Material and methods 

An observational, cross-sectional study was conducted in the Department of Nephrology at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre in Karachi, Pakistan. Patients were enrolled in this study after consent and institutional review board approval. Serum samples were collected for Hb level, iPTH level, vitamin D, urea and creatinine, ferritin, and transferrin saturation. 


Ninety four patients were inducted into this study; men comprised 66.0% of the patients, and Diabetes mellitus was the commonest etiology of ESRD.

Most of the patients were on dialysis for more than 5 years on twice per week hemodialysis. Mean Hemoglobin was 9.29g/dl, iPTH 576.59ng/dl and Vitamin D 25.47ng/ml. Significant inverse correlation was found between anemia and i-PTH levels.


Hyperparathyroidism is one of the major contributor anemia among maintenance hemodialysis patients.